Chicago, IL, USA
EBM, Synthpop,Industrial
Years active
2002 - Present

Since their humble beginnings, BC13 followed a rigorous release schedule that has seen them put out a total of ten albums in just twelve years and to also have appeared in all 4 editions of the highly touted Negative Impact series alongside such notables as Jilt, Ceoxime, Diverje, Angels on Acid, and Texas’s Asmodeus X, With the success of the Negative Impact series bringing well-deserved attention to the band, live shows started to happen with more frequency.

BC13’s 2009 album “Sparta” produced what many consider to be their best song, “Burn Baby Burn” which opened up additional live opportunities for this burgeoning band including sharing stages throughout Chicago and the Midwest with bands such as Hocico, Covenant, HexRx, V1rtual D3scent, Informatik, Unter Null and Madison’s two most infamous bands, Caustic and The Gothsicles.

2010 saw BC13 release the epic “Dreadnought” CD which contained 19 adrenaline pumping tracks including both full and instrumental versions of their songs designed specifically for dance floor dominance. Those sessions led to the production of the song “Engage” which would make its way to the lead track on the Negative Impact V0.4 compilation.